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Technology on the farm is as important as any other aspect of your farming operation. At Manzer Equipment, we are committed to presenting our customers with the best solutions to increase productivity and efficiency on your farm. Precision Ag continues to change and develop; as a trusted partner in your operation, we promise to keep you up-to-date on the latest products and solutions we offer and support.

At Manzer Equipment, we are constantly looking at new technology and solutions that our customers can incorporate into their farming operation. Technology has greatly impacted the agriculture industry throughout its history, with significant advances in recent years. Technology not only enables a farmer to more reliably monitor and manage natural resources in their operation, but it also gives farmers greater control over production, processing, storage and so on.

Precision Planting is the place for new ideas and technology that help you achieve the best possible control of depth, spacing and germination. We are proud to be a Premier Dealer with Precision Planting. A Precision Planting Premier Dealer is a world-class certified precision agriculture expert, with rigorous training and knowledge of the industry and issues facing you today. A Premier Dealer is the only specialist that can offer the entire Precision Planting product line.

We are proud to own and operate our own RTK network through TopNet Live. TopNet Live is a subscription based, Real Time GNSS Reference Network delivering high quality, GPS/GLONASS correction data to rovers used for mapping and agricultural applications, such as cropping, fertilization, and land-leveling. Network RTK (Real Time Kinematic) subscriptions can be utilized on a quarterly or annual basis. This allows us to manage the network and optimize it for our customers. Should you ever have an issue, you can just call our Precision Ag Specialist.

In addition, we also offer drone sales and service solutions to our customers. Currently, we carry the Agribotix Agrion™ agricultural drone system, which includes the DJI Phantom 4 Pro platform. This kit comes equipped with a near infrared (NIR) camera designed to capture field-level imagery, which is uploaded to the included Agribotix FarmsLens™ platform. Click here to see our complete Drone solutions.

Our Precision Ag Department carries many great products from AGCO, TopCon, AgLeader, and FarmWorks. Our Precision Ag Specialists are trained in all of the products so they may adequately assist you with any questions or needs.

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