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Question: I didn’t purchase my tractor from you; can I still use the Manzer Equipment network?
Answer: Yes; our RTK Network supports all brands.

Question: What do I need to start using Manzer Equipment’s RTK network?
Answer: Check to make sure that you have a GPS receiver capable of RTK, you will also need the proper cellular modem/tablet to receive RTK corrections. Contact our Precision Ag Department for more details.

Question: Will Manzer Equipment provide my cellular data plan for my cellular modem/tablet?
Answer: Yes, our dealership provides you with a cellular data plan and handles the management of it also.

Question: What happens if I have an issue connecting?
Answer: Manzer Equipment’s Precision Ag Department has a dedicated team of specialists that are available via phone to ensure connection issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Question: Why should I choose Manzer Equipment’s RTK over others?
Answer: Our mission is to provide innovative farm equipment solutions, includin those used in precision farming, with world-class parts and service support.

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